Joining Petersham Masonic Lodge?

Hopefully you have found this site informative enough to make a decision to join a Freemasons lodge in Surrey



  • You must be aged over 21 Years.
  • Be an honest person of good moral character.
  • Have a belief in a Supreme Being (That is personal to you).
  • Able to commit to giving up some free time.

The first steps to becoming a Freemason in Surrey:

  • Complete the contact form from the "Contact Us" menu
  • Visit Petersham Lodge to meet lodge and committee members.
  • Ask questions.

The process to joining the Masons:

Each lodge will have its own way of doing things but essentially each follow the same principle.

As much as you can, visit the lodge, or meet socially to get to know members.

They will want to find out about you and you will want to make sure the lodge is right for you.

Do speak with your family about joining Freemasonry in Surrey. Their support is equally important.

Should you be successful the lodge will ask you to attend for an interview and your application will be completed.

This will be read out at the next meeting of the lodge and a date will be set for you to become a Freemason.


During this time it is generally the Secretary or Membership Officer who will keep you informed at each stage.

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