April 2019

Our April meeting was the Initiation of Jack Noke,our Worshipful Master’s son. The ceremony was carried out with feeling by the WM, the Working Tools explained by W Bro David Gatland and an excellent rendition of the Charge was given by Bro Sam Gordon.

It has been a sad summer period for Petersham. W Bros John Cane and Eric Eastwell, both highly respected members have been called to the Grand Lodge Above as has W Bro Tony Hill’s wife Joan. There was a good representation from Petersham at all three funerals and W Bro Tony would like to express his thanks to all those Brethren who attended or sent cards and messages of condolence.

Don’t forget our Worshipful Master’s Ladies Weekend at the Bailbrook House Hotel, Bath on 21st – 23rd February 2020. Bookings are now being taken and the WM would be delighted to hear from anyone wishing to attend.

Petersham had its usual Bottle Stall at the John Terry Court and Shannon Court Summer Fetes and as usual, made a lot of money for charity. Thanks to the regular suspects, W Bros Peter Henley; Roger Goswell; Ian Gatland and Trevor Nell and to any Brethren who turned up at the venues to offer their support.

Finally, the Lodge Xmas lunch will be back at Guildford on Sunday 8th December.


March 2019


Our March meeting was the Installation of our new Worshipful Master,W Bro Noke. A memorable afternoon with the ‘surprise’ appearance of the Provincial Grand Master to lend a hand with proceedings. (should have had a camera pointing towards Paul’s face when the PGM came in!).


Thanks to W Bros Spillett, Edser and Kemp for taking on the duties of SW, JW and Inner Guard respectively. The Installation ceremony was expertly carried out by W Bro Kerswell, the explanations of the Working Tools proficiently given by Bros Green, and Sheikh while the Hallstone Jewel was presented by W Bro Henley in his usual confident manner. The PGM sadly had to leave early to attend another charity function but not before he delivered the Address to the WM and presented Petersham with their well-earned ---Silver Award for the 2019 Festival. -- The Address to the Wardens was given by W Bro Arney and that to the Brethren by W Bro Jones, both in fine style.



Our Worshipful Master’s Ladies Weekend has already been set up and is at the Bailbrook House Hotel, Bath on 21st – 23rd February 2020. Flyers were handed out at the Festive Board but will shortly be circulated to all members and friends of the Lodge.



The occasion of W Bro Nell’s Ladies Weekend together with his lady, proved to be a big success. The appearance of Basil Fawlty and his crew on the Friday night caused a certain amount of mayhem but was well received by most of the guests. The Saturday night function was preceded by a talk from the mother and father of Max, a young lad suffering from Brittle Bone Disease which was the charity of choice for WM throughout his year. It was quite moving to hear what they have had and will continue to have to go through during his life as there is no cure. 


A couple of conversations took place over that weekend which may lead to one or two of the guests applying for membership of Petersham. It shows the value of inviting non- Masons to these events. You never know what might happen!!


January 2019 

Our January meeting was the Passing of Bro Green, a rare single ceremony meeting!! The ceremony of Passing was given with great aplomb by our WM. The Working Tools were explained by Bro Sheikh in a capable manner, then a splendid rendition of the 2nd Degree Tracing Board was given by W Bro Jones who also added some extra Scottish ritual at the end.


Our Worshipful Master’s Ladies Weekend is very nearly upon us. The Oxford Spires Hotel, Abingdon Road, Oxford, OX1 4PS is the venue from Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th February.


We hope Trevor and his good lady, Laura enjoy their weekend. Gifts for the raffle would still be gratefully received. 


The Committee interviewed a potential candidate on Monday night at Guildford and were very impressed with his responses to the questions. He will be recommended for membership of Petersham by the Committee. Full details will be given at the March meeting.


November 2018

Petersham Lodge has achieved a Silver 2019 Festival Award so we are entitled to display this motif throughout the period of the 2019 Festival. Congratulations are in order to all Lodge members who have made this achievement possible. I am sure our VO will make reference to it during his visit.

Our November meeting was the Raising of Bro Green. The ceremony of Raising was carried out confidently by W Bro Wilson and the Traditional History given by W Bro Goswell in equally fine fashion. The Working Tools were expertly explained by W Bro Jones., followed by an excellent rendition of the Walking Charge by W Bro Henley.


During our Act of Remembrance, Bro Gordon sang ‘Taps’ and W Bro Luke brought to the Lodge a ‘Silent Tommy’ (picture below) which he had made. It was decided to display the Silent Tommy inside the Lodge during each of our November meetings.



The Lodge Xmas Lunch was attended by about 40 people who thoroughly enjoyed themselves (except for the ones stuck in the Kingston one-way system). The raffle raised £220 which the WM announced would be donated to the Brittle Bones Society.


Our Worshipful Master’s Ladies Weekend is at – The Oxford Spires Hotel, Abingdon Road, Oxford, OX1 4PS from Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th February 2019.


Please try and support Trevor and his good lady, Laura, during their weekend. As always, gifts for the raffle would be well received.

October 2018

Our October meeting was the Raising of Bro Smith and the Passing of Bro Sheikh. The ceremony of Raising was carried out in fine style by W Bro Rickwood and the Traditional History given by W Bro Gatland in an equally confident manner. The Working Tools were elegantly explained by Bro Noke. This was followed by another excellent rendition of the Scottish Charge by our Honorary Member, W Bro Caughie.

The ceremony of Passing was carried out by W Bro Beattie. The explanation of the 2nd Degree Tracing Board was then jointly given by Bros  Smith and Green with such panache that it was rightly rewarded with spontaneous applause from the Brethren.

In addition to the ceremonies, Grand Lodge certificates were presented to Bros Gordon and Gibbons. The Master Masons apron was explained by W Bro Jones and the certificates presented and explained by W Bro Caughie.

Our Worshipful Master has selected a venue for his Ladies Weekend – The Oxford Spires Hotel, Abingdon Road, Oxford, OX1 4PS from Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th February.

A Flyer and a Booking Form have already been circulated. Please try and support Trevor and his good lady, Laura, during their weekend. The menu for the Saturday Gala has also been confirmed and is as follows:

·         Tomato, Carrot and Coriander Soup

·         Beef Brisket with a Garlic and Thyme jus, Roast Potatoes and vegetables.

·         Warm Apple and Mixed Berry Crumble with Cinnamon Cream

·         Cheese and Biscuits

The Vegetarian option for the main course is: Spinach, Mushroom, Brie and Walnut pie with braised vegetables.


The Lodge Xmas Lunch has been confirmed at The Kingston Lodge Hotel, 94 Kingston Hill, Kingston upon Thames, KT2 7NP at 12.30 for a 1pm sit down.


Finally, please remember to bring details of the soldier named on the card in the poppy box that was presented to you. At the Festive Board, each member will stand and read out their details in memory of their sacrifice. Guests that were presented with a poppy are also welcome to join in this tribute.

April 2018

Our April meeting, was the Raising of Bro Gibbins and the Initiation of Halvard’s dad, Nick. The ceremony of Raising was carried out most proficiently by W Bro Wilson and the Traditional History and Working Tools by W Bro Henley in his usual fine style. The Initiation ceremony was carried out jointly by W Bro Beattie and W Bro Kerswell in magnificent fashion and the Working Tools explained by Bro Smith in an excellent manner. A memorable Charge after Initiation was then given by Bro Green and earned deserved applause.

Since we last met, there have been a couple of happy events with Bro Smith’s wife giving birth to baby Theo (at 8lb 14ozs !!) and Bro Gordon became a married man in July.

Sadly, Bro Gray’s wife, Karen, passed away during the summer. Our thoughts continue to be with him at this time.

Our Worshipful Master continues to seek a venue for his Ladies Festival. Details will be issued as soon as they are known but please make sure you leave the weekend of 22nd – 24th February free and support W Bro Trevor and his lady, at their weekend.

As you can see from the front page, the Xmas Lunch will be held at the Kingston Lodge Hotel. The same venue was used for the Spring Lunch and everyone who attended enjoyed the venue so please make the effort to come along.

Once again, during the summer, Petersham supported the functions at James Terry Court and Shannon Court by turning up with our Bottle Stall and making money for the two homes. Some of the regular organisers of the events are shown in the photo on the next page. Anyone who thinks I have changed the spacing on this page to cover my inability to get the photo on it………………..are spot on!!


March 2018

Our March meeting was the Installation of W Bro Nell. The Installation was carried out by W Bro Kerswell in a very professional manner. The working tools were explained respectively by Bro Storey, Bro Berry and Bro Green. The Hallstone Jewel was presented by W Bro Beattie and the addresses were given by W Bro Luke, W Bro Wilson and W Bro Jones respectively in fine style.

It was good to see W Bro Eric back in the fold, recovering nicely from his problems. W Bro Arney, having had a hip operation was not there but is also recovering well and expects to be with us in April. Our thoughts continue to be with W Bro Gray and his wife while they struggle with health issues.

The Festive Board was attended by 30 Brethren, who thoroughly enjoyed the Carvery put on by Vince. The Brethren who asked for Cheese and Biscuits as their sweet course also seemed happy with the selection. 

Our new Worshipful Master has announced that his Ladies Festival will take place between 22nd and 24th February 2019. The venue is still under consideration but please make sure you leave those dates free and support our master and his lady, Laura, at their weekend.

Excellent late news……………….W Bro Cane has received a promotion. A great achievement and we all wish him well at the Middlesex Provincial AGM in May.

January 2018

Our special January 2018 meeting consisted of the presentation of a 50 Years in Freemasonry certificate to W Bro Luke and the Raising of Bro Gordon. The presentation of the certificate was made by W Bro Caughie and Bro Luke appeared to enjoy himself judging from the continuous smile on his face throughout the whole day. Several amusing tales were revealed which really could only have happened to him! 

Unfortunately, our WM was unable to be present at the meeting due to his dad, Eric, being taken to hospital the day before. W Bro Henley once again stepped into the breach and delivered an excellent ceremony for the Raising. This was added to by W Bro Kerswell and W Bro Goswell giving additions from Scottish Ritual. In addition his brother gave a fine rendition of the Working Tools. W Bro then finished off the ceremony with a Charge which went down extremely well. 

The Festive Board was attended by 40 Brethren, a good number and the speech to the Visitors was given by W Bro Gatland which was well received



14th October 2017

Our October meeting was the Passing of Bro Jamie Smith. This was conducted in fine style by our WM. The 2nd Degree Working Tools were described by Bro Storey in fine style and the Tracing Board explained by W Bro Peter Henley in his usual fluent manner. W Bro Peter Jones then added some Scottish ritual which rounded off proceedings nicely.

Our March meeting was a very enjoyable affair.

It was great to see our new Worshipful Master, W Bro Andrew Eastwell, installed in the chair of King Solomon. The ceremony was impeccably carried out by the Installing Master, W Bro Peter Henley, in fine Petersham tradition.

Saturday 8th April 2017

It was a momentous meeting in April 2017 when we had an official visitor presenting not one but two 50 year certificates to W Bro Peter and W Bro John.


Five years previously in 2012 WBro Tony celebrated his 50 years


Sunday 29th January 2017

The date for our next inter lodge ten pin bowling tournament will be on Sunday 29th January 2017 at Tolworth commencing at 5pm

Our January meeting was again a very busy affair. Starting with Brother Gordon undertaking his Second Degree, which was most competently carried out by our WM. It was followed by a tremendous rendition of the Tracing Board by Brother Storey.


November Meeting

Our November meeting was spectacular to say the least, certainly the best since I joined Petersham. The presence of our Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Bill Caughie, added to the atmosphere and what a time to pull that sort of performance out of the hat!! His comments both in the Temple and afterwards at the Festive Board were all extremely complimentary and well deserved by the Brethren who participated in the ceremonies. Special mention was made of Bro Gordon’s rendition of the Charge and for the WAPGM to say it was the best he had ever heard was impressive.


Dear Brethren and Companions

Christmas Message 2016

It is that time of year when we reflect on the past year and then look forward to the adventures of a new year ahead.

Relief Chest News ….from our Charity Steward

It has long been the tradition in Petersham Lodge to encourage Members to make a regular small contribution to the Grand Lodge Relief Chest Scheme. It is entirely a matter for personal choice, what you are able to afford and of course what you are prepared to regularly donate in the cause of Charity, One hears many suggestions, ranging from an hours salary per month to the cost of a night out once a month or even the price of a round of drinks.