Petersham Lodge 4514 Profile


The Lodge currently has 30 subscribing members of varying ages and occupations. 26 of these members are regular attendees at our meetings.

The Lodge has three new Candidates for Initiation and one new Joining Member which will take our numbers to 34. Sadly two of our senior members have recently passed to the Grand Lodge Above.

We have, in the recent past, had a steady number of Initiates and a couple of Joining Members enabling us to have ceremonies at each of our Regular meetings. It is important that we try and keep new members coming in but make sure they do not become disinterested.

The Lodge meets at the Guildford Masonic Centre, Hitherbury Close, Portsmouth Road, Guildford, Surrey GU2 4DL. We have five meetings per year, on the second Saturday in October, November, January and March (Installation) and the third Saturday in April. Officers Night is held on the Wednesday prior to the meeting at 7.30pm and Lodge of Instruction is held where appropriate on the Wednesday before that. Attendance numbers do vary, the younger members living in diverse locations and being subject to shift work.

The Lodge enjoys a good number of guests at its meetings, many of them regular. All the offices are currently filled by light blues and that situation is likely to remain for some years hence. Many of these younger members are very enthusiastic about performing ritual and all seem willing to progress through the ranks.

The Lodge subscription is currently £265 and will remain at that level for a while yet.

The Lodge has a website which is run by one of our members. All relevant information is available including who to contact if interested in joining.

Approximate half of our members are also members of the Royal Arch, with younger members being encouraged to join when they feel able. We have a Royal Arch representative who regularly promotes the order.

The Lodge has a good social calendar with a Spring Lunch and Xmas Lunch plus other events organised on an ad hoc basis. We have had regular Ladies Festivals over the past years which have been well attended and the intention is to keep them going.

The Lodge is a regular supporter of the Summer Fetes at John Terry and Shannon Court homes along with the Xmas Fete at John Terry with our Bottle Stall. All the bottles are paid for by the Lodge so that all monies raised go to the homes. We are also Patrons of both homes.

                                                                                                                                      September 2019