Relief Chest News ….from our Charity Steward

It has long been the tradition in Petersham Lodge to encourage Members to make a regular small contribution to the Grand Lodge Relief Chest Scheme. It is entirely a matter for personal choice, what you are able to afford and of course what you are prepared to regularly donate in the cause of Charity, One hears many suggestions, ranging from an hours salary per month to the cost of a night out once a month or even the price of a round of drinks.

The advantage of using the scheme is that for all income tax payers, the scheme will collect gift aid against your income tax; thereby increasing the value of your donations by 20%. The Scheme also pays a small amount of interest …. This has always been above that available through commercial banks.

Traditionally Petersham Lodge receives an annual statement from Grand Lodge detailing how much has been donated by each participant, (This is not public information the only people who know the details of your donations are you and the Charity Steward)

Each year the WM chooses which Charities he wishes to support, usually one Masonic and one non-Masonic, this is referred to as his Master’s List. Compiled by the Charity steward, using the information from Grand Lodge, each member will receive a statement detailing the amount held against their name and requesting them to choose how much of that amount they will donate to each of the Charities on that Master’s List.

Direct Debit forms will be available from the Charity Steward and should be returned to him once complete.

Alternatively you can complete the online form at

Using the Lodge Number 4514 and Name: Petersham for both Lodge details and Relief Chest Name and Number