November Meeting

Our November meeting was spectacular to say the least, certainly the best since I joined Petersham. The presence of our Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Bill Caughie, added to the atmosphere and what a time to pull that sort of performance out of the hat!! His comments both in the Temple and afterwards at the Festive Board were all extremely complimentary and well deserved by the Brethren who participated in the ceremonies. Special mention was made of Bro Gordon’s rendition of the Charge and for the WAPGM to say it was the best he had ever heard was impressive.


The Festive Board had a relaxing Xmas feel to it and the entertainment delivered by ‘In Accord’ was enjoyed by all.


Bro Storey completed his 3rd Degree while we all welcomed Jamie Smith into the Lodge.


News of our recently retired legendary Charity Steward, Graham – He has been back in hospital and whilst there, failed a ‘Stairs’ test meaning he needs better care and no stairs. He has now accepted that a care home is a sensible option. Our Almoner, Richard, is in negotiation with Shannon Court and the RMBI to try and resolve the situation.